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KISSY注入科技高级布料,抗菌抗紫外线抗发霉,释放负离子,保持血液循环,改善下垂. 外扩. 副乳. 背后多肉问题,携手给你健康,更加舒適


7-day rebirth concept 
After wearing KISSY for 7 days and wearing the previous underwear, you will find how uncomfortable your favorite underwear is 

Kissy wants you to break through the shackles, no longer be strangled, create seamless technology, and give you freedom 

KISSY is infused with advanced technology fabrics, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mold, releases negative ions, maintains blood circulation, and improves sagging, outgrown, breast bulge,back fats. Hand in hand to give you health and max comfort 

KISSY not just an inovation in underwear, but also a release of the soul.