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背心款 Classical Vest

KISSY®如吻 经典背心款·中灰色/黑色
The first patent of comfortable bra 

Product with patent tag

Every detail determines success or failure! We only deserve to be delicate


No trace mark and 0 restraints, mo misaligned, no gaps, no cups, super comfortable technical underwear, the chest is more push up, impeccable sense of refinement and comfort.


Exclusive Jinkang yarn functional yarn
1. Moisture wicking
2. UV protection
3.AAA grade antibacterial
4. Produce far infrared rays
5. Release negative ions
It can purify the blood, promote metabolism, reduce inflammation and sterilization, prevent bacteria from breeding peculiar smell, and prevent ultraviolet rays.


Using Lycra fabric, known as the "angel in the underwear industry", the stretch can reach 500%, and the rebound state is perfect. With good flexibility and comfort, you can enjoy it close to your body at all times with anti-mold feature.


It uses 100-count cotton yarn modal, which is more advanced than cotton, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, pure natural fiber, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and 100-count yarn feels fine and soft with texture.

「工艺 Art-Craft」


Hot-pressed seamless splicing, using glue instead of seam, Japanese glue dispensing technology, precise elastic support, comfortable and stylish, and special craftsmanship to perfectly cover breast bulge.


Three small details on the shoulder strap prevent the shoulder strap from becoming loose

360 ventilation pores, double cotton pad design


Upgraded chest pad: The knit belt design of the chest pad makes the chest more push up and prevent outward expansion

棉质采用 精品棉+德国恒温纤维球,有自动调节温度的功效,使人处于恒温体感,新陈代谢正常,吸湿性能优异。

The cotton is made of high-quality cotton + German constant temperature fiber, which has the effect of automatically adjusting the temperature, making people feel at a constant temperature, normal metabolism, and excellent moisture absorption performance.

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Free seamless panty, seaweed fiber under crotch, anti-bacterial and anti-melanin

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