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Wheat Ear Lace Short 麦穗蕾丝短版

RM 182.00

The pleated technology of wheat ear lace gives the bra a three-dimendional feel. The Lycra spandex inceases the elasticity and softness, which makes the bra more comfortable to wear.


The cotton pad with air holds brings refreshing and cooling weather experience.


The bra comes with two pads, one thick and one thin, to meet with different chest types. The thick pads are made of light and permeable cotton with 360 air holes . Both of the thick and thin pads are connected with knitted belt to better achieve stability . gathering and prevent running cup.



The crotch of the panty is made of seaweed cloth, which has antibacterial and anti-melanin effect. The waistband and leg opening are equipped with color matching knitting to increase the ornament and improve the elasticity.


Each box comes with:

1 Bra & Panty & 2 thin pads

1 套内衣 和 1件内裤 和2块薄垫

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