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蕾丝款 Platinum Lace


Latex Cup: 4D Vertical + Thai natural latex 


Natural latex is the most natural raw material for anti-mite and anti-bacterial healthy coasters, especially for people with allergies. When used correctly, it is very durable, does not deteriorate, and does not deform

我们的泰国乳胶杯垫有矫正不良乳房的作用, 能平均分散胸部的承受力,使胸部放松复原,从而达到矫正胸型的作用。并且我们在设计上在杯垫之间做了一条小橡皮,聚拢效果更强。所以我们的铂金款,也可以称之为微调型内衣

Our Thai latex coaster has the function of correcting poor breast shape. It achieve the feature by disperse the bearing capacity of the chest evenly, to relax and recover the chest, thereby achieving the effect of correcting breast shape. 

We made a small rubber between the coasters in the design, the gathering effect is stronger. Therefore, our platinum lace models can also be called fine-tuning underwear.



The 4D vertical cotton that we use has low temperature insulation effect, light weight, easy to wash and dry, good elasticity, anti-mildew etc.


Superfine mulberry silk + 100 cotton yarn modal


The double-sided 3D lace pattern woven is unique, elegant and charming, and can be cut freely. Unlike ordinary lace, the whole piece is scrapped if any thread is hooked. There will be no problem of drawing off the line if our nails hook on our lace

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WhatsApp Image 2020-06-13 at 11.07.01 (1).jpeg蕾丝

三明治工艺 Sandwich craft 


We strengthened the sandwich technology at the bottom to make the supporting force stronger, replacing the role of traditional steel ring underwear. 
Without the steel ring, the chest is still firm and fully supported! 
Our platinum coaster has a deeper shape and more capacity. Therefore, the breast shape in platinum will be much plumper than the traditional one, which solves the problem of sagging that often occurs with large breasts.


海藻纤维 Seaweed Fiber


The free panty uses the same lace as the bra, and the bottom of the underwear uses seaweed fabric, which is rich in vitamin ACE. Seaweed fabric use the plant fiber extracted from deep seaweed has natural antibacterial properties and has a strong inhibitory effect on various fungi, bacteria and microorganisms. Especially suitable for women

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