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儿童内衣 Kid's Underwear


KISSY children's underwear uses sandwich fabric technology. The outer fabric is made of environmentally friendly and healthy colored cotton fiber and nylon yarn blended. It is comfortable, natural, environmentally friendly and breathable, and is more suitable for children to wear.

彩棉纤维特点:舒适亲和皮肤,抗静电,透气性强。  里层面料为锦纶泳布,手感更加柔软顺滑,符合儿童幼嫩肌肤需求。

Color cotton fiber features: comfortable and skin friendly, anti-static, strong air permeability. The inner fabric is nylon swimming cloth, which feels softer and smoother, meeting the needs of children's tender skin.


The cotton cup is made of a new type of material, polyurethane cotton, which is more permeable and breathable, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and has a comfortable cotton lining, super soft and skin-friendly, excellent elasticity, and has been certified by major authorities, such as: REACH regulations, US consumer product safety improvements Act CPSIA and China's National Textile Basic Safety Technical Specifications. Polyurethane sponge can be used as a mask material, and it is the first craft to use it in children's clothing textile cotton pads!