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限量版白色蕾丝 (Limited Edition White Lace)

RM 260.00

👉🏻 Outer fabric are made from high-precision lace
👉🏻The main fabric is 120 modal, moisture absorption and quick drying 

👉🏻Pure natural fiber, environmentally friendly and pollution-free 
👉🏻Soft texture, skin-friendly and comfortable
👉🏻The cotton pad is air permeable, inhibiting bacterial growth 

👉🏻Adjustable shoulder strap

👉🏻主面料为120支莫代尔 吸湿快干

每一套限量版蕾丝白色长背心标配 Each set comes with 
1.手提纸袋 Portable paper bag
2.长方体硬盒 Rectangle hard box
3.内衣 Underwear
4.内包装袋 Inner packing bag
5.赠送无痕海藻纤维内裤 Free seamless seaweed fiber panty


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