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(End May/ Early June)夏日蕾丝吊带 Summer Lace Sling

RM 182.00


  • The main fabric adopts nylon three-dimensional floral lace, elegant and atmospheric.
  • The inner layer is blended with modal and mulberry silk, soft and smooth, moisture-absorbing and breathable. Not prone to static electricity, soft and nourishing for the skin.
  • The entire product uses soft jelly craftsmanship, comfortable and elastic, tight but not restrictive, not easily deformed. The hem of the entire inner layer is brushed with jelly, tightly supporting the underarm area, preventing slipping and displacement. Adjustable soft shoulder straps, can be adjusted in length according to needs. The cotton cups use high-density cotton: environmentally friendly and lightweight, not easily deformed.
  • Extra pair of lightweight replacement cup pads is included. The two cotton cups are connected with soft elastic in the middle to enhance the effect of centralization and gathering.
  • The panties of the same series are included as a gift, with the crotch made of seaweed fabric with antibacterial and anti-melanin properties. Lace splicing adds a sexy and elegant touch, while the waist is embedded with soft cotton knit bands, tight but not restrictive, comfortable and non-slip. The leg opening is arbitrarily cut to reduce tightness, ensuring comfort and lightness.


  1. 主面料采用锦纶立体感花卉蕾丝,优雅大气。
  2. 内层为兰精莫代尔融合桑蚕丝,轻柔顺滑,吸湿透气。不易静电,柔软贴身滋养润肤。
  3. 整件产品采用软果冻胶工艺,舒适Q弹,紧而不勒,不易变形。整个内层的下摆夹弯均刷果冻胶,紧致收副乳,支撑整个下摆,防滑防移位。可调节软细肩带,可根据需求自行调节长短。
  4. 棉杯采用高密度棉:环保轻盈,不易变形。另外多赠送一副轻薄替换杯垫。两副棉杯中间均以柔软橡筋连接,提升集中聚拢的效果。
  5. 同系列内裤为赠品,裆部采用具有抗菌抗黑色素特性的海藻布面料。以蕾丝拼接,性感而高极,腰头嵌入棉柔针织带,紧而不勒,舒适防滑。脚口为任意裁,減少勒感,舒适轻盈。

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