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Spring Pink Lace 春日蕾丝

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1. The main fabric uses 10D high elastic nylon fabric, which is ultra-thin, light, with high resilience. It also contains 5A antibacterial and cooling properties, with strong heat dissipation and anti-dampness function. 

2. The front unique V-neck design, with a micro-transparent double overlayer, adds just the right level of soft beauty to the bra. The outer layer is covered with wavy pleated lace, which is both simple, elegant, and vivid. 

3. The back shoulder position is fitted with anti-slip tape to enhance the tension. The triangular back design prevents curling, making the overall wearing more suitable, effectively lifting the back. The front bottom is embedded with lycra interlayer soft support, which prevents sagging and improves the gathering effect. Anti-slip tape is also added to the back bott om to fit the body shape, preventing the cup from shifting. 

4. The chest pad adopts an air-permeable drip-shaped cup, which is light, soft, breathable, and comfortable. It gathers and fits smoothly, effectively tightening the breast, and presenting a perfect breast shape. 

5. The chest pad adopts the semi-fixed cup design, which improves the fit of wearing and effectively solves the trouble of running and rolling cups caused by machine washing and wearing. 

6. The crotch of the panty is made of seaweed cloth, which has antibacterial and anti-melanin effects. High elastic spandex glue is added to the waist to avoid deformation, which makes it easy to wear and take off. The anti-slip tape is also added to prevent curling and the hip suction design helps to prevent clamping. The wavy edge of the leg opening matches the style of the bra, bringing an aesthetic feeling. 

Each box contains:
1 set of bra with semi-fixed chest pad
1 antibacterial underwear



1主面料选用lID高弹锦纶,超薄轻透回弹灵敏。面料含5A抗菌及冰)刺生能,易 散热防闷汗,呵护女胜身心。 

2前幅独特V领设计同时叠加微透双层给文胸增添冶到好处的柔美层次。其 外层以波浪百褶蕾丝轻覆。兼具简约优雅与生动可爱。 

3后幅肩位巧加服帖条增强拉力,后背以三角设计以防卷边,合力使得整体穿着 服贴,有效提拉美背;前幅下摆嵌入莱卡夹层软支撑,承托胸部防止下垂,提升 聚拢美胸效果;后幅下摆另加防滑条,巩固下围贴合身型,防止跑杯移位。 

4胸垫为透气水滴杯,轻盈柔软透气舒爽,并能有效包裹副乳,令女陛胸型美观, 同时呵护乳房健康。 


6赠送同系列精美内裤档部采用抗菌抗黑色素的海藻布面料;腰头加入高弹氨 纶胶,避免变形穿脱轻松;臀部增添服帖条防止外翻外卷,采用吸臀设计告别 夹臀,杜绝尴尬穿着舒心;脚口饰以波浪边增添灵动,与内衣风格呼应共美。 



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