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(Preorder)蕾丝(三色) Platinum Lace(3 colors)

RM 260.00

👉🏻采用100%高级泰国天然乳胶 -防螨虫抗细菌 ,适合敏感人士

👉🏻The lace made of a Germany machine will not hook the drawing line 
👉🏻 is a fine-tuning underwear that can improve external expansion and sagging problems 
👉🏻 Use 100% high-grade Thai natural latex-anti-mite and anti-bacterial, suitable for sensitive people 
👉🏻The world's first 4D vertical cotton pad-low temperature insulation effect, light weight, easy to wash, fast drying, good elasticity 
👉🏻 Good support, more push up, good cover effect, and seamless

每一套铂金款内衣标配 Each set of comes standard with:
1.手提纸袋 Portable paper bag
2.正方体硬盒 Cube hard box
3.内衣 Underwear
4.内包装袋 Inner packing bag
5.赠送内裤 Free underwear
6.赠送薄杯垫 Free thin pads

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