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Color Contrast Vest 撞色细纱背心

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Color Contrast Vest 撞色细纱背心

撞色细纱背心工艺功能描述 :

1精选20D高弹夹层为主面料,柔软轻盈回弹灵敏。含5A抗菌恃性,贴心呵护敏 感肌 并加入玻尿酸因子,辅助滋养女性肌肤。

2前幅低V设计, 增加性感韵昧同时优化颈部线条。肩带与下摆处以撞色装饰 , 简约不失活力   提升衣着品味。宽肩帝背心式的设计,肩带服帖不易下滑,令穿着尤为舒适安 心。

3前幅下摆内层,嵌入微弹网纱针织带,将微透视 惑与防滑功效合二为一,巧妙 衬托胸部防止下垂。贴肤面采用棉柔罗纹面料 ,亲肤透气吸j显排汗。后幅下摆巧 力日防滑条     有效稳固下围,杜绝跑杯移位     令穿着更加自信。

4采用透气水滴型杯垫,内含按摩颗粒 ,兼顾放松与包裹,令收副乳效果出众, 全为位守护乳房的健康及美观 。

5半固定连杯的巧心设计,解决机j先及穿着移位的难题。充分提高舒适度,同时 免去机洗卷杯的后顾之忧。

6同系列精美内裤为赠品,挡部采用抗菌抗黑色素特性的海藻布 面料。内层加入 防涓针织带,防止穿着翻卷,体感舒适自如。拼色裤腰与内衣和谐呼应 丰富整 体层次,释放背心式内衣套装的独特魅力。

1 .The vest uses the selected 200 highly elastic interliningmain fabric, soft and light, with excel­ lent elasticity and rebound speed. It also has a SA antibacterial property that protects skin that is sensitive. Hyaluronic acid is added to help nourish skin.

 2 The deep V design at thefront of the vest gives it a sexy and aesthetic feel. The straps and the bottom of the vest are decorated with contrastingcolors, simple and energetic, adding the aesthetic appeal of the apparel. Wide straps make wearing more secure and pleasant by pre­ ventingthe straps from slipping.

 3. The inner layer of the vest's front bottom is integrated with a micro-elastic mesh yarn knit­ ted belt that combines micro-perspective sense with anti-slip effect and sets off the chest to prevent sagging. The vest's interior is comprised of soft cotton ribfabric that is skin-friendly, breathable, moisture-absor bing, and perspiration-wicking. Anti-slip tape is also added to the back bottom to fit the body shape, preventingthe cup from shifting.

 4.The chest pad adopts an air-permeable drip-shaped cup, which also contains massage par­ ticles. It gathers and fits smoothly, effectively tightening the breast, and presenting a perfect breast shape.

 5.The chest pad adopts the semi-fixed cup design, which improves the fit of wearingand ef­ fectively solves the troubleof running and rollingcups caused by machine washing and wear­ ing.

 6. The crotch of the panty is made of seaweed cloth, which has antibacterial and anti-melanin effects.The anti-slip tape is added to prevent curling.The panty's waistband matches the bra's color, enhancing the overallaesthetic feeling and making this set unique and charming

Each box contains:
1 set of bra with semi-fixed chest pad
1 antibacterial underwear


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