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Anti-slip Half-cup Silk Bra 防滑抹胸蚕丝内衣

RM 182.00

Anti-slip Silk Bra Description:

  1. 1. The main fabric is made of soft and highly elastic nylon and spandex, combining good breathability with a silky and skin-friendly feel.

  2. 2. Utilizing a honeycomb-shaped cup pad with over 300 fine breathable holes, it weighs only half of a regular cotton cup, allowing for a comfortable and breathable experience.

  3. 3. The cotton cup is internally reinforced with soft bones to prevent stretching and changing the cup shape while ensuring a stable and full three-dimensional chest shape. The inner lining is made of natural and environmentally friendly silk mo fabric, with antibacterial and skin-nourishing properties, providing a delicate touch, enhancing the fit, and improving durability.

Simultaneously, the inner layer has been cleverly upgraded with an excellent rebound full-spandex anti-slip strip, ensuring a seamless and secure fit, preventing deformation caused by washing.

  1. 4. Includes comfortable invisible clasps and comes with shoulder straps in the same color, allowing for customizable strap styles to create various looks for different occasions.

  2. 5. The middle part of the lower band features an air layer with cotton padding, incorporating a sandwich process to reinforce overall cup support and prevent slipping.

  3. 6. The side panels combine slip-proof fabric with mesh material, effectively enhancing breathability, precisely conforming to the chest curve, and providing even elasticity without feeling tight or restrictive.









Each box contains:
1 bra , removable straps 


1 套内衣,可拆肩带

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