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(S only) 2023 Christmas New Year Red 聖誕新春祥紅色

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  1. 產品特點:

  2. 1. 内衣的外层采用波浪状花边蕾丝图案,具有动感和优雅的质感。密集编织为穿着增添了舒适和安心感。

  3. 2. 内衣的内层结合了莫代尔和高质量的丝绸,提供柔软顺滑的质感,减少静电,增强吸湿透气性,呵护肌肤。

  4. 3. 内衣前部采用了新技术 - 环保食品级果冻胶,增强了柔韧性、轻盈感和活动自由度。下摆采用高弹力莱卡面料与胶粘结合,结合内部果冻技术,打造了无缝、柔软且有支撑感的贴合,防止卷边和滑落。它有效地聚拢、提升并遮掩腋下,提供平滑自然的贴合,呈现丰满胸部。后背设计为V领,增添了后背的诱惑感。后背和腋下嵌有防滑技术,全方位提供支撑,确保在各种活动中的舒适性。

  5. 4. 三维水滴形状的棉杯紧贴胸部,有效提供支撑和圆润、提升的形状。杯型设计包括体贴的填充,防止外扩和下垂。一体式杯型设计防止外扩和下垂。

  6. 5. 套装配有精致的配套内裤。内裤的裆部采用抗菌和抗黑色素的海藻面料制成,腿部开口处添加了防滑条,防止走光,提升品质和风格。前部设计了与内衣相匹配的花边图案,共同展示出美丽而优雅的外观。

Product Features:

1.The outer layer of the bra features a wavy lace floral pattern, with a dynamic and elegant texture. The dense weaving adds a comfortable and reassuring feel to wearing.

2.The inner layer of the bra combines modal and high-quality silk, providing a soft and smooth texture that reduces static, enhances moisture absorption and breathability, and nurtures the skin.

3.The front of the bra incorporates a new technology - eco-friendly food-grade jelly glue, enhancing flexibility, light-ness, and freedom of movement. The lower hem uses highly elastic Lycra fabric with adhesive bonding, combined with the inner jelly technology, creating a seamless, soft, and supportive fit that prevents rolling and slipping. It effectively gathers, lifts, and conceals the underarms, providing a smooth and natural fit, resulting in a fuller bust. The back features a V-neck design, adding a touch of allure to the back. The back and underarms are embedded with anti-slip technology, providing all-around support, ensuring comfort during various activities.

4.The three-dimensional water-drop-shaped cotton cups wrap around the chest, effectively providing support and a rounded, uplifting shape. The cup design includes thoughtful padding to prevent outward expansion and sagging. The one-piece cup design prevents outward expansion and sagging.

5.The set comes with a delicate matching panty. The crotch area of the panty is made of antibacterial and anti-melanin seaweed fabric, with added anti-slip strips at the leg openings to prevent wedgies and enhance quality and style. The front section features a lace design matching the lingerie, collectively showcasing a beautiful and elegant look.

Each box contains:
1 bra ,1 thin pads, 1 underwear


1 套内衣,1 薄墊 和 1件内裤

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