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深色和淺色內衣建议分開洗 、分開晾曬。不要阳光直晒。

Friendly Reminder
Because KISSY technology bra is environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, the initial washing of dark colored bra set will have a slight floating color, which is normal.

Be-careful and not to soak for a long time while washing.

Due to KISSY bra don't have any stitches, a button, and the use of hot pressing technology, it is recommended that everyone use mild and neutral detergent, low temperature and gentle washing, such as washing with a washing machine, it is necessary to load into laundry bags, and set the washing machine into a gentle mode
Lastly, remember that Dark & light-colored must be washed/ air dry separately and don't air dry it direct under sunlight

穿脱方式 How to wear and take off

洗涤方式 How to wash

晾晒方式 How to hang