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Three international authoritative certification audits


What is the ISO certification on our products?

【ISO】是世界上最大的国际标准化组织[国际标准化组织(International Organization for Standardization,ISO)简称ISO.是一个全球性的非政府组织,是国际标准化领域中一个十分重要的组织。ISO一来源于希腊语“ISOS”,即“EQUAL”——平等之意。ISO国际标准组织成立于1947年,中国是ISO的正式成员,代表中国参加ISO的国家机构是中国国家技术监督局(CSBTS)。]

[ISO] is the world's largest International Organization for Standardization. It is a global non-governmental organization and a very important organization in the field of international standardization. ISO one comes from the Greek "ISOS", which means "EQUAL"-the meaning of equality. The ISO International Standards Organization was established in 1947. China is a full member of ISO. The national agency representing China in ISO is the China State Technical Supervision Bureau (CSBTS). ]


1 [ISO9001] is a quality management system (establishing an enterprise quality management assurance system, complete records, compiling quality manuals and procedure documents, and enterprises meeting basic national requirements, and obtaining ISO9001 through third-party certification. The ultimate goal of standard establishment: to increase customer satisfaction .)


2 [ISO14001] is an environmental management system (system standard established by international standardization, conforming to the development of international environmental protection, and customized according to the needs of international economic development. It refers to environmental protection data, environmental factors, evaluation, and legal requirements during plant construction , Management plan, organizational structure, authority, authority, human resource management, information exchange, document control, environmental protection facility operation control, emergency response, etc., enterprises can only obtain ISO14001 if they meet the standards)


3 [OHSAS18001] is an occupational health and safety management system (through investigation and evaluation and compliance appraisal required by relevant laws and regulations, the purpose is to reduce and prevent accidents through management and lead to loss of life, property, time, and a set of control for environmental damage The risk management method, the standard structure is the same as ISO14001, and the enterprise can only obtain OHSAS18001 if it reaches the standard system WhatsApp Image 2020-06-13 at 17.08.10 (2).jpeg

【总结】ISO三体系是一种宏观的管理理念,如一根指挥棒,指导着企业从管理的全局性、统筹关联性、前瞻性等角度细化每一个制度和流程。 三体系认证,已成为企业进入市场和赢得顾客信任的基本条件。除了涉及生产以及销售的行业离不开这三体系之外,现在的大型企业,更加是离不开这基本的三大体系。

[Summary] The ISO three systems are a macro-management concept, such as a baton, which guides the enterprise to refine each system and process from the perspective of overall management, overall relevance, and foresight. The three-system certification has become the basic condition for enterprises to enter the market and win the trust of customers. In addition to the three systems involved in production and sales industries, large enterprises today cannot do without these three basic systems.