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轻压收腹裤 Light Press Corset Underwear

RM 182.00

  • Effectively prevent odor, adsorb moisture and remove sweat
  • Anti-UV effect to better care for the skin
  • Apply far infrared ray (FIR) emission frequency to boost blood circulation and metabolism and to maintain health and warmth
  • AAA-level anti-bacterial performance to sterilize and control mite
  • Release negative ions to keep the skin firm and elastic.
  • Over-hip design to lift the hips and restrain the abdomen.
  • More skin-friendly design with soft and breathable mesh design of the leg opening without tangling feel

Each box contains:
3 x light press corset underwear (Same size, same design)


  • 防止异味,吸湿排汗
  • 防紫外线,更好的呵护肌肤
  • 远红外线发射频率,加速血液循环,加速新陈代谢,有保健保暖功能
  • AAA 级抗菌,杀菌仰止螨
  • 释放负离子,能使肌肤紧致有弹性,有收臀效果
  • 脚口采用柔软透气网布设计,不勒脚,更亲肤

3 x 轻压收腹裤 (同色同尺码)

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