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Antibacterial Panty 无痕抗菌内裤

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Antibacterial Panty 无痕抗菌内裤

1. The panty is made of ultra-thin stripe fabric, which makes it highly elastic and quick drying. The 3A antibacterial function also protects women's health. 

2. The waistband is made of jelly glue, which has the main performance features of strong ad-hesion, high resilience, good tensile qualities, and excellent supporting capacity. It is the jelly glue that makes the products suitable for different body types. The material is environmentally friendly with no peculiar odor. 

3. The hip silhouette on the back of the panty and the binding tape on the leg opening are de-signed to increase stability and prevent clamping. 

4. The crotch is made of antibacterial seaweed fabric, which brings dry and comfortable feel-ing to the wearers. 

Each Box come with:
3 set panty (Pale Grayish Red, Matcha, Light Blue Color) 

1.面料为超薄条纹,高弹速干,并含3A抗菌功能,全万位呵护女陵健康。同时加 入莱卡氨纶,伸展回缩更自然面料冰凉有弹性,在夏日为体验者带来冰凉舒爽 的愉悦感。 

2.腰头采用新型材料―果冻胶。主要睦能特点为粘接陛强、高回弹、拉伸胜好, 支撑性较为稳固。产品码数为均码。同时可满足不同身材的女性穿着,充分发挥 果冻胶新型材料的功能效果。材料环保无异味。手感舒适柔软轻薄。 





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